“72 Hours” is all about riding shotgun with our characters during uniquely, pressure-filled moments. We follow our athletes during the intense 72 hour window that precedes the race, tapping into the emotion of the stress and strain that colors our characters’ reality. The series’ all-access cameras capture the athlete’s experiences with a heavy fly-on-the-wall aesthetic. We get you immersed into their worlds so you can feel the challenges and experience the triumphs as their precious time ticks by before the start of the race! “72 Hours” is premium, hero-centric content that pays directly back into the brand and amplifies its stars during their biggest moment of the year.

BRP | Can-Am 72 Hours – Molly Taylor – EPS 1

BRP | Can-Am 72 Hours – Molly Taylor – EPS 2

BRP | Can-Am 72 Hours – Molly Taylor – EPS 3

An industry leader in personal watercraft, snowmobiles, On- and Off-Road vehicles, boats, marine propulsion systems, and Rotax engines for go-karts and recreational aircraft, BRP secured CAMPSITE to lead their content operations infrastructure. 

As BRP content operations agency of record (AOR), we support their product lines + brand divisions with a dedicated team of production-centric and content management specialists. We augment and enhance their internal “Media House” team handling everything from on-location production to rights clearance/management to post-production to quality control and digital asset management operations.

It’s an honor to work with such a legendary brand.