Visit West Hollywood

The West Hollywood Tourism Board came to us with a very fun project: Go to the world famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, film and edit a sizzle piece that captures the excitement of the “Summer on Sunset. kick-off concert” The night was filled with great music with performances from legendary rockers like, Courtney Love, Juliette Lewis, Dave Navarro and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols! Not to mention all the great food booths from restaurants like Katana and BOA. There was even whiskey infused cotton candy! “Its cool events like these that really remind us how lucky we are to be in this business!” -Marcus Vadas Founder, Exec Producer, CMH

“It takes the right kind of production team to be able to capture the spirit of the Sunset Strip.  Campsite nailed it.  They helped us create a piece that was authentic and cool – beautifully shot and expertly edited.  Can’t wait for the next event to bring this team of Pros back…”
– Jeff Morris

Chief Marketing Officer
West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board